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Skid control (theory only)

Course content includes

Skids - the effects of Understeer, Oversteer and ABS. Understanding Cadence Braking and it’s application
The causes of aquaplaning and how to reduce it in today’s driving environment.

Who should attend?

All those who drive a car, van-type or light goods vehicle. Delegates must have studied the ‘Highway Code’.

What will they learn?

To identify conditions where vehicles may be more likely to skid and the ways of avoiding and correcting different types of skids.

Following training, drivers will be better able to take action to prevent skids and the associated accidents.


2 hours each session.


In-company or any mutually agreed location


Please call Redditch 01527 460031 for details.

Course Dates

Please call Driving Matters UK for latest course dates, to discuss your training needs or to make a booking.

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