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It is estimated that one in three company drivers will be involved in a collision every year. The cost to businesses runs into millions - fleet vehicle repairs, insurance claims, time off work for staff, missed deadlines and lost business to name a few. The Health & Safety at Work Act, Corporate Manslaughter legislation and case law all mean that employers must consider the risk to their employees - even when they are driving. If you are unsure about your legal obligations, please visit our Legal Requirements page.

Adopting a ‘solutions’ driven approach we currently design and deliver an extensive portfolio of proven, quality driving courses for company drivers, fleet managers, road safety professionals, professional drivers & members of the public.

Our aim is to assist individual or company drivers to achieve a higher standard and save on overall costs in addition to reducing accidents in the UK. Through these courses, companies will greatly reduce their costs and portray themselves as a responsible, safety conscious and caring employer.

Driving Matters UK has a range of courses designed to help drivers achieve and maintain a high level of knowledge and ability. All courses are carefully planned programs of theory tuition and in-vehicle training designed to make drivers safer and reduce their accident risk. They can also be adapted to suit individual company requirements and be delivered at different locations anywhere in the UK.

Benefits include:

Savings on fuel, tyres and spare parts
Reduced maintenance and accident repair costs
More reliable vehicle scheduling and service intervals
Better company image from greater driver care and courtesy
Reduced insurance premiums and overall general costs
We look forward to working closely with you and your company very soon.

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Driving Matters
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Specialist fleet driving courses in the West Midlands
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